Vn Christmas Tips

A Merry Pregnant Australian Christmas

By Vicki Nott.


A Christmas Pregnancy in Australia can be hard. Depending on your gestation, you might be feeling the effects of our hot summer. If you’re outside, stay in the shade and take a seat every time it’s offered to you, even get those ankles up and let them rest too.

If you’re heading out to celebratory functions, you’ll need to be aware of what you can and can’t eat.

Make your drinks nonalcoholic.

It’s unknown what the exact safe level of alcohol consumption is for your baby, so as much as possible, avoid alcohol, including the spiked punch, the Christmas eggnog and your favourite champagne. It doesn’t mean you have to miss all the good stuff. There are lots of wonderful Christmas mocktails that you’ll love, and your baby will be forever grateful for (even if they never tell you that).

Here’s 10 great mocktails you can enjoy

Don’t be a Christmas ham

Platters of hams and cold meats are out for you this year. There are times when you can have cooked ham, but if you are at a function and the meats are being served on platters, they are best avoided to decrease your risk of Listeria infection.
You’ll also need to stay away from pate, including vegetarian pate, it’s not worth the risk to you and your baby.
You can enjoy cooked seafood, but you can’t nibble away at any smoked salmon or uncooked seafood options.

Delicious soft cheese  – not for you.

Mmmm, yes, it can be the best thing on offer when out with friends, but soft cheese is no friend to you right now. Leave the cheese to the non-pregnant people at the party. You can indulge in hard cheeses that have been pasteurized and the crackers and breads will be fine too.

Heading out of town?

Christmas often means travel in Australia. If you’re going away, take your medical information with you. Chances are low that your baby will arrive prematurely, but babies are known to arrive when they decide it’s a good time, wherever you might be. Take any notes from your doctor, your Medicare care, private health insurance details and any other important documents about your pregnancy with you. Also, make sure you’ve got the phone number for the hospital in your phone.

If you have questions about your pregnancy and would like to speak with an obstetrician, call the rooms for an appointment.