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5 super early signs you might be pregnant.

By Vicki Nott.


Sore Boobs

After conception, your hormone levels will start to change. The hormone changes that begin as soon as your pregnancy starts can cause your breasts to swell slightly. Some women, but certainly not all, find their breasts become a little sore and swollen for a week or two when they are pregnant. Sore boobs can be one of the  signs of pregnancy for many women.

Oh so tired.

Those hormone changes can also make you feel pretty tired in the early days. Fatigue is a common symptom for many women at the start of their pregnancy. It’s as simple as getting the extra rest your body is needing. Most women will find the high levels of fatigue settle down in a few weeks.

Morning sickness

It’s a classic sign, used in all the movies and the reason for this is that so many women will first learn of their pregnancy when they feel nauseous in the morning. For some women it’s all day and night sickness and this may mean you need to see a doctor sooner to ensure you are well hydrated. Remind yourself that most women find by 13 weeks they are feeling much better.

Missed Period

If you’ve missed a period, it’s time to get the pregnancy test out and use it. Missing your period is a good indication that you might be pregnant. If your periods have always been infrequent this might not be an indication of pregnancy, or if you’ve experienced a major change in your life in the previous weeks, your body might be just adjusting. Either way, taking a pregnancy test is a simple and easy procedure for you to do at home to confirm.

Your pregnancy test says YES.

Did you know, if you have a regular period cycle, try the pregnancy test four days BEFORE your period is even due. This will provide an accurate test for 99% of women. If your cycle is longer, wait a few extra days before trying it.

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