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What is the most common question an obstetrican gets asked?

By Vicki Nott.


When someone is hesitating to ask (usually in front of their husband), I nearly always know what the question is going to be – can I dye my hair in pregnancy?

The answer is YES!

It is completely safe to colour your hair during pregnancy.

Same goes for spray tans, facials (but no Retin-A), acrylic nails, shellac, waxing, eyelashes.

A pregnancy massage is also great and might even help if you feeling a little tired in late pregnancy.

Some women would have questions about laser hair removal, cosmetic tattooing or botox, there is no medical reason why these would be unsafe, but the majority of salons and beauticians won’t do them during your pregnancy.

If you have questions about your pregnancy and would like to speak with an obstetrician, call the rooms for an appointment.