COVID 19 Vaccine And Pregnancy

COVID-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy

By Vicki Nott.

COVID-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy

Right now, a common question is “can you tell me more about the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy?”

It’s important to seek factual information when making any decisions around immunisations if you are pregnant or thinking of having a baby.

This continues to be the case when you are making a decision about the COVID-19 vaccine.

While COVID-19 is rare in Australia and most young people who are generally well will have a mild illness, pregnant women are at higher risk of complications.

Currently, in February 2021, the COVID-19 vaccine is not recommended during pregnancy. The main reason it is not recommended in pregnancy is simply due to a lack of data.

If you do happen to have the vaccine and later have your pregnancy confirmed, don’t stress, there have been no complications or problems seen with any cases when this has happened overseas.

If you are considered to be a patient who is at higher risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms, speak with your doctor about what is the best option for you during your pregnancy.

Should I have a COVID-19 vaccine if I am planning a pregnancy?

Yes. If you have the opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccine while planning to get pregnant, you should have the vaccine.

What about the FluVax? If I am pregnant, should I still get my flu vaccine?

All pregnant women are advised to get their FluVax for every pregnancy.

Read more about the Flu Vaccine during pregnancy and why you should check your Rubella immunisation levels.

If you have questions about your pregnancy and would like to speak with an obstetrician, call the rooms for an appointment.