Newborn Baby Laying Down With Vernix



Do you need a Paediatrician at the birth of your baby?

By Vicki Nott.

newborn baby laying down with vernix

If you have a high risk or complicated pregnancy, or we anticipate a complicated birth then I will routinely ask a paediatrician to be in attendance at your birth, to look after any potential problems to your baby.

A neonatal paediatrician is a highly experienced specialist who has undergone many years of training focussed on newborns.

If we unexpectedly run into problems in delivery suite during your labour, myself and all midwives are highly trained in the immediate resuscitation of babies, and our Special Care Nursery midwives have even higher levels of training and experience, they are available 24 hours a day and right there for you in the rare case of an emergency. The nursing staff and I would look after your baby and call a specialist paediatrician to attend – luckily, most of the time they walk in and the baby is screaming at them!

Where your pregnancy and birth have been uncomplicated and your baby is well, it is not absolutely essential to have a Paediatrician, but it is often still a good idea. I find it very comforting to know that a specialist has checked the baby’s heart, eyes and hips in particular, where they may pick up tricky things that can cause problems in the future. It is also handy to have their advice about yellow jaundice and feeding issues, and someone you know to turn to if a problem arises.

I routinely refer all ‘my’ babies to a paediatrician unless you specifically ask me not to.

Paediatricians I regularly work with

Melbourne Neonatal Network


Brendan Chan Paediatrics

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