Low Cost Pregnancy Care

Your pregnancy care options

By Vicki Nott.

Low cost Pregnancy care

Did you know I offer a variety of different models of maternity care for patients?

Depending on your personal choices and family situation, you might be looking for something that’s not the standard in pregnancy care.  I offer a variety of flexible options to make sure you receive the level of care that best suits you.

Traditional Obstetric Care

Full Obstetric care with a highly experienced obstetrician for your entire pregnancy journey.

In this model, you see me very early in your pregnancy and continue to see me all the way until six weeks post-birth and beyond. You’ll get to see your baby on ultrasound in my room and listen to their heartbeat. You will be able to call the rooms should you require medical assistance throughout your pregnancy. Your birth will be at a private hospital, where you’ll have excellent facilites to support you.

You can read more about choosing between private and public obstetric care here. 

Sharing is Caring – Midwife/Obstetrician Shared Care.

Some patients like to share their pregnancy care with both a midwife and an obstetrician to reduce the costs of their antenatal care. You elect to see a midwife to manage your pregnancy, and still see me for four of your pregnancy visits, in the Obstetrician/Midwife – Embrace Maternity Care. You can elect to use your private health insurance to birth at a private hospital, and have a highly experienced obstetrician of your choice at the birth of your baby. If, during your pregnancy, there is any need for additional levels of care, we can discuss that along the way. 

The Swap Over.

When you first get pregnant, you might not be 100% sure of how you’d like your pregnancy to be managed.

It’s always ok to change your mind.

It’s your body, your baby and your choice. If you’ve decided a Private Obstetrician would be a better option for you, make an appointment with me and I can manage your pregnancy from there, you will not miss out on attending the private hospital of your choice. If your pregnancy is advanced, you will have a heavily reduced fee too.

No Insurance – No Worries.

Many patients don’t have private health insurance and instead they choose to just pay as they go. My rooms can help provide you with the costs of birthing at a private hospital and help you decide if this is the best option for you. In this option, you can still make the choice between traditional obstetric care or a shared midwifery care option.

Help – I don’t have Medicare! 

If you’re not a permanent resident of Australia and don’t have access to Medicare, you will be best to consider choosing a private model of pregnancy care, this option will be a much lower cost. My team can help you find the best option for you at the best price.  A private hospital with your own personal, highly experienced, obstetrician compared to the costs of having your baby in the public system will help you decide. Patients who are not covered by Medicare will notice a huge cost-saving, as well as receiving the highest levels of care for you and your baby, when electing to see a private obstetrician in Victoria.

But – what if you are on holidays?

I love holidays and babies in equal measures. They both can make us all really happy. However, holidays can be planned and taken at an exact time, so you will know exactly when I am away. Babies often decide when and where they will be born, did you know only 4% of babies arrive on their due date?  If your baby is due to be born when I have scheduled my holiday, I have an excellent, very experienced team of female obstetricians who will look after you. We are all based in the same group, with the same great support staff, so you’re always guaranteed to be well cared for. Chances are high that you’re baby won’t arrive on their due date too.

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