Egg Freezing

There are many reasons (or times of life) that you might consider freezing your eggs.


Egg Freezing is a suitable option for many women for a variety of reasons. It may be appealing to women who are not in a position currently to have a baby but would like to explore the possibility of storing eggs for the future before their fertility declines.

Make an appointment to discuss if egg freezing is right for you.

Being an egg donor

Many women are unable to have a baby without the help of an egg donor.

It can be an amazing gift if you have the capacity to provide an egg donation to someone else

If you think you would like to help another woman to achieve her dreams of a family, let us know at Number 1 Fertility.

We’ll let you know what’s involved and you’ll have independent counselling sessions to be sure this is the right step for you (of course, at no financial cost).

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Am I too young for egg freezing?