As your private obstetrician, I personally manage the health of you and your baby before, during and after birth.

You are welcome to see me at any stage of your pregnancy. Some women choose to change from public care to private care midway through their pregnancy and my staff can assist with the transition.

Your pregnancy will be as unique as you are. You may have health issues, cultural beliefs or personal circumstances that are different to other women. I will work with you to ensure your pregnancy goes to plan as much as possible.

At each of your visits, we will check in on your baby via ultrasound in my rooms, this lets you see your baby regularly during your pregnancy and to hear the heartbeat!

The goal is always a safe birth for you and your baby, whether that is a vaginal or caesarean section, and you can personalise this special time in your life in many ways. It will be my pleasure to assist and guide you.

Appointments during pregnancy

Your first visit will normally be at around 9 weeks of pregnancy. Your first pregnancy appointment is a longer appointment and gives me the  opportunity to take a full medical history, arrange tests and discuss your questions and concerns. A pregnancy ultrasound will usually be performed, and you’ll get to see your baby!

In uncomplicated pregnancies you will usually have an appointment each month until 30 weeks, then every 2 weeks until the last month, when your visits are weekly. Extra appointments are easily scheduled for women with high risk or complicated pregnancies, and for emergencies. Some low risk women like to undertake the ‘Embrace’ shared care program between me and the St Vincents Private Hospital midwives.

Your Pregnancy Team

I will be your main doctor and you will see me for the majority of your routine visits. At Melbourne City Obstetrics, I work with a team of highly qualified female obstetricians. It is unsafe for anyone to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it’s important that we all schedule some me time each week. As MCOG are a private obstetric group, you will have the benefit of already knowing which other doctors may be a part of your birth